So Now Do I Get Super Powers?

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It hit me this morning – I have had recurring nightmares for the last year or so about my dad dying suddenly, and then getting a phone call from my mom and having to come home, etc. It was a terrifying nightmare, and I’d wake up feeling like a bad omen was over me.

I thought this was my worst nightmare, that it would hurt so bad to lose him, or my mom, either one. I couldn’t imagine the pain, or dealing with it at all. I saw myself walking down a street as an older man, more mature and sort of… tamed.

But now – here I am. He’s passed away. Yes, I was devastated, and yes I miss him. But I know he’s with Jesus. The whole thing was not nearly as unbearable or life-altering as I thought it would be. My fears are relieved, because I know he’s better off now. We’ve (my family and I) been in the comfort of God’s hands this entire time.

So, now that I’ve been through and survived my worst nightmare so far, am I going to have an even worse nightmare, or do I become invincible like in the comic books? I don’t know if that actually makes me fearless, or hardened, or anything at all. But still… it’d be awesome to have super powers.

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