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A relatively new service called DepositNow! (they’ve been around since 2004) allows small business owners, eBay power sellers, online retailers, and other people who might need to deposit a lot of checks, scan their checks and deposit them online from a normal computer.

This technology has often turned people off, because previously when you purchased a check scanner, that’s all it could do: scan checks. DepositNow! has developed their own check scanner that’s about half the price of other check scanners (about $225 USD) and can be used as a regular scanner as well.

Unfortunately, depositing checks online is only available to customers who bank in the United States. However, this could be a really useful service to anyone who has to daily make bank runs to deposit checks, especially in light of the recent rise in gas prices. The savings on gas almost make this scanner pay for itself after a month or two!

Think not only about the money you’ll save, but the time: instead of wasting time running to the bank before opening your store, you could be done in less time without leaving the office, and tend to other things that might need more attention. Or maybe just use the time to sit and have a cup of coffee and relax!

Visit DepositNow to sign up for online check depositing, use promo code “THE RAGING TECH” and you’ll receive $25 off the price of the scanner. That’ll also get me $25 if you become their customer, which will help me put gas in my car!

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