Summer Party Plans

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This Friday is pay day, and that’s always exciting. I’m paying bills, going on a date on Saturday, but then I want to (cost-effectively) throw some sort of a small party for people who are still around this summer. (When you live near a college campus and a lot of your friends are college students, they go away in the summer time.)

I’m thinking of something I can make en masse for people to eat that won’t cost a lot. Maybe spaghetti, maybe lasagna, or some other kind of cheap pasta. Bread is also pretty cheap.

Sodas will be the most expensive part, but I am building up more Coke Rewards, so I can probably use my coupons to get some free soda.

I really need to clean up our house. We have a mud room that’s turned into more of a trash and storage room, and there’s probably all sorts of gross things in there that need to be cleaned up and thrown out. Not to mention someone’s old dorm fridge is in there (we have one on our porch, too) and a lot of cardboard we need to recycle.

I probably won’t get as fancy as getting party invitations printed up this time, but I know if I needed to I could always get some done fast and cheap over at Vista Print. Most of my friends are pretty informal, but they are a cheap way to do invitations for things like graduation parties or receptions or maybe inviting coworkers over for a coworker-type party.

Do you have cheap party activities or party foods or party supplies ideas? Leave me a comment if you do, and maybe you’ll get invited to my party! 😉

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