Warning: Crazy Weekend Ahead

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This weekend I’m going with a friend halfway across the state to help his sister move across town. It’s a long story. But the neat part is, we’re leaving tonight, will stay in a hotel when we get there, move her tomorrow, then go hang out and stop at the hotel we stayed at back in February for the free Happy Hour.

I’m going to use some of the road time to study for my GMAT, maybe pre-write some blogs for next week, read a book, or just chill and talk to my friend. In any case, it’ll be nice to get out of town for a weekend.

My girlfriend-equivalent is going home for a couple of weeks – I’m going to miss her. But I’m glad she gets to go see her family, I’m sure they miss her. She’s also going to see her friend, who happens to live in my hometown, so I’m going home to see my folks in a couple of weeks, and I’ll bring her back here when I leave. I imagine that’ll be a really good day, seeing her again after two weeks.

Happy Friday everybody!

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