Terrible Tuesdays

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Good grief. Exam week for college students apparently makes everyone grumpy and annoying. At first I thought, maybe I’m not being polite enough, so I tried harder on the phones today.

Then I heard other people in the call center dealing with angry clients, too. Apparently during exam week, everything is an emergency, and everyone’s computer is broken, and everyone needs it fixed now or sooner.

Couple this with an onslaught of completely retarded problems, like previously mentioned e-mail account issues and students who can’t follow directions.

To add insult to injury, the students still continue to queue up in the entrance way that is shared between student parking and faculty & staff parking, thereby blocking my car from leaving for lunch and making me wait, honking and angry, to get back into the faculty & staff parking after lunch, and making me late. They just sit there, waiting on someone to leave, so they can get into a parking space, instead of moving along and looking for parking elsewhere.

At least there’s an end-of-the-year party I’m invited to tonight. Maybe I’ll push one of them off the deck and into the river. That’ll make me feel better.

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  • It’s not just students. You should have seen the professor who was irate that he had to use the test bubble sheet scanner himself. Public station with the scanner and detailed instructions didn’t seem to be enough. Guess professors don’t like to grade their own tests.

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