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Is it just me, or is the majority of America starting to become more and more disconnected from a place they might consider “home?” Busy business people often pick up and move from one city to another across the continent for a better life, without much regard for the town they live in.

Is this a lack of hometown pride, or is the age of information making the world a smaller and smaller place? With computers, Voice-over-IP phone systems, instant messaging, text messaging, cellular phones, web cams, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs – it’s like you never left home to begin with.

For those of you with relatives who are less technically savvy, you can purchase phone cards and mail them to them so they can call you on your dime. A phone card will let them call a toll-free number, enter an access code, and then commence a call to you or whoever from a balance of minutes usually pre-paid on the calling card account.

Phone Cards avenue sells such phone cards, and can provide them to you at up to 80% less than regular long distance providers like the Bells or AT&T or Sprint. They also sell international phone cards, which is a big deal if, for example, you’re a foreign exchange student attending a university in the United States.

Or maybe if you’re about to go on a trip overseas, you can purchase phone cards that you can use from over there to call home to your family. This comes in handy as most cell phone providers charge a huge premium to call internationally.

Finally, phone cards are a great alternative when computers aren’t available and you can’t use a service like Skype to communicate internationally, or if, like I said before, your call recipient is less technically capable than most.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, why not send Mom a phone card, so that she can call you without paying for it. I’m sure she’d love the gift of hearing your voice if a visit is something not in the cards this particular holiday.

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