My Favorite Pants

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240x180My favorite pair of pants is awesome for several reasons:

  • They’re bondage pants – meaning they have straps and chains that go to various hooks and holes all around the pants, giving me endless configuration options, or the option to remove them completely.
  • They have huge pockets that don’t bulge when I carry stuff.
  • They’re cool looking.
  • They are white with black trim, the only white pants I own.
  • I bought them at Hot Topic a few months ago because I wanted to hang on to my youth for just a little longer.
  • The legs zip off, so they’re also shorts. How novel!

These pants are also very comfortable, and I’m glad I bought them. They make older folks uncomfortable around me. You’ll probably notice a lot of the goth kids or the kids who are into heavy metal and dark make-up wear them. And then there are regular people like me who just like them.

Who am I kidding? Me? Regular? Blah. I don’t think I could be normal if I tried. I don’t mean that in an arrogant, non-conformist sort of way. Just more of a “I’m a weirdo” kind of way.

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