Get Mom Shoes for Mother’s Day

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You can never go wrong with buying a woman shoes. She’ll know you tried, even if she doesn’t like them. It’s a thoughtful gift, and what’s better is she’ll have to wear them at least once even if they’re completely off from her particular style. Just make sure you get the right size, and that it’s not a style of shoe she’s already told you makes her feet hurt / are uncomfortable.

Check out for seychelles shoes, minnetonka boots, tsubo shoes and lots of other choices, designs, and styles. I don’t pretend to know what those words mean, but women who know shoes know what they mean. And that’s why you, as a son, brother, father, husband, etc. should DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you buy shoes. Drop hints or spy on the mother in your life to figure out exactly what kind of shoe she likes.

Here’s a hint though: if she already has tons of one style of shoe – buy her something different. That different pair will hold a special place in her heart, forever and always.

Your mom gave birth to you – she carried you for nine months and then spewed you forth from her loins in an icky, vile mess. And then you gave her a hard time by crying and keeping her and your father awake at night, and pooping in your diaper, and not wanting to eat your vegetables or go to school, or staying out too late as a teenager, or not remembering to call her once in a while after you moved out on your own. Get her some shoes, she deserves it.

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