British Knights are Back!

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The shoes that every kid used to nag his parents over when I was a child, British Knights (or BK) were discontinued, sometime shortly after the likes of MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice put down the microphone in the ’90s. I don’t know the exact date or time, but they seemed to fade out in the background, like so many stars of the ’80s and ’90s.

Recently, I’ve heard that the New Kids on the Block are reuniting, most likely under the moniker “The Block” since they’re obviously not kids anymore. Some of the fan favorites will still be performed, like staple “The Right Stuff,” while several members are working on new material.

What is it with the ’90s coming back? I realize it was cool and trendy to throw back to the ’70s, and we recently have had plenty of ’80s throw-back movies and trends. I guess the college kids and high school kids that are in school now were born in the ’90s or late ’80s, so they feel a closer bond to that time period.

Kylara really loves the ’80s, she was born near the middle of the decade. I have a closer affinity for the ’70s, even though I was born in the early ’80s. (Yes, I realize a lot of you will read this and go, wow, RT, you’re just a youngin’.)

What decade do you relate to the most? Is it the decade from your childhood, from your teenage years, or later on on life? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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