Miscellaneous Henchman Guards Need Pants, Too

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So if you’re planning on building up your own small army of miscellaneous henchmen guards to protect your fortress that houses your secret headquarters, you’ll need to give them pants.

Wimpy jeans or khakis just aren’t going to do the trick. These henchmen may be called into a fierce battle at any moment. Maybe your fortress is a mile underground and surrounded by thick forest. There could be crawling around in the dirt or repelling down a mountainside, or intense hand-to-hand combat. You don’t want your minions to rip their pants and have to replace them every couple of days, do you?

That’s why LAPoliceGear.com has some seriously hard-core BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) pants. Check it out, for all your henchmen tactical gear needs, especially really tough pants. My favorite item on the site was their cool 5.11 tactical gear glasses, to protect your eyes from things like empty bullet casings.

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