Do Auto Service Like a Pro Mechanic

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I know a lot of guys that are either really into car maintenance and service, or at least wish they were. It’s something manly I think to be able to work on your car for most small things – it saves money and you don’t have to feel sheepish or like you’re getting screwed at the mechanic.

It also feels perfectly acceptable if you’re not a skilled mechanic to take your car in for larger repairs or difficult and time-consuming maintenance. And ladies, it’s also perfectly not unladylike to know how to work on your cars. In fact, it’s kind of impressive to me!

If you’re serious about your car maintenance and repair, you can have the same tools and products that mechanics use in the shop at your home garage. Lane’s Auto Care products and Professional Car Care sells only top-quality covers, cleaners, brushes, car wax and other maintenance and care products.

The products Lane’s carries are high-quality, concentrated industrial strength cleaners, which should get out any tough stain or grime in your vehicle. With the right set of detailing tools and supplies, you should be able to restore your car back to it’s factory sparkle. (It does not, unfortunately, remove dents and dings and cover up scratches, but you’ll at least have a sparkly dented car!)

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