Spend Your Energy Wisely and Be Happy

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I’ve written before on how I’ve developed a different attitude towards wealth and money. I used to believe you had to be rich and have everything easy to have a happy life. I know that’s stupid and childish, and somewhat selfish, but I’ve always envied people who had more than me. In the last couple years though, I’ve learned it’s more about the quality of life through things like relationships with friends, family, and loved ones.  It’s about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously, but being serious about taking care of yourself and the aforementioned people in your life.

That being said, as much as I really really wanted to buy my friends’ house, I’ve canceled my meeting with the bank in the morning because I just can’t deal with the stress and financial stretching I’d have to do to make the house payment and other payments and still do things like eat. Even though I could do it, and I’d probably learn a lot and grow in the process, I think it’s wiser to wait until my financial situation is better.

I’m going to wait two years until my car is paid off, and hopefully my credit cards will be too, by then. That will leave just my student loan and utilities and gas and food. With the extra money freed up, I will research the market again and see what’s available. I know God will bless me if I’m faithful and responsible in the small things first.

I’ve almost applied to grad school – just waiting on my letters of recommendation from a couple people and I will probably need to borrow the application fee from someone since it probably needs to be in before I get paid in a week. I think I’m pretty much a shoe-in for getting accepted. I’ll also have to be on the ball about getting all the signatures I need for tuition waiver from my workplace. That’s one of the nice benefits of working for a university – they give you almost-free classes!

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