Where My Tax Money Went: Sony Playstation 3

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So it’s been about two months since I got my tax refund – and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using my new Playstation 3 that I purchased with that tax refund.

Aside from the fun downloadable video game demos and 3rd party games that I got from the Playstation Store online, it’s also an awesome blu-ray movie player. With it’s ability to download and update it’s firmware, it’s one of the best blu-ray players you could possibly buy.

A fun aspect of the PS3 console is it’s ability to browse the internet right on the console, without using any hacks or work-arounds. I directed the browser to Interface Lift, a popular site for downloading hi-res desktop wallpapers, and downloaded some that were specifically designed for HDTVs. Now my console’s menu background is a high-res photo that really looks awesome.

All in all, I got the Playstation 3, an extra controller, and Call of Duty 4 with my tax refund, and it was well worth the investment as both a game player and a blu-ray movie player. With the tax deadline behind us, the last of you should be receiving your tax refunds pretty soon – what will you do with yours? Let me know in the comments section.

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  • Nathan

    What is this “refund” you speak of? I paid 2 PS3’s worth of money to the government when my taxes were said and done.

    These mythical refunds people speak of, the most i’ve ever gotten is like $50 :-(.

  • Richard

    What’s this refund you speak of? Like Nathan, I paid. $2200 worth. Take heart however, Nathan. One of two things happens to get you that big old refund. Either you don’t make very much money or you have like 12 kids. I can take heart in knowing that not only did I not give the federal government an interest free loan this past year, but even including their refund I still made more money than most of them.

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