It’s Time to Get Naked

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If you’re not already Naked, you totally should be – if you’re getting ready to shower, that is to say. I’m talking about Naked Naturals shampoo and conditioner. I got a sample in the mail the other day of Naked Naturals Citrus & Keratin Fortifying Shampoo and Fortifying Conditioner.

First of all, you should know that the naked naturals product is nothing perverted or vulgar – it’s just pure natural ingredients that haven’t been enhanced with artificial chemicals. (Although I’ll be darned if I recognized half the ingredients on the label!) It’s also supposed to make your hair up to 7x stronger (than virgin hair, according to the label).

I showered yesterday and decided to go ahead and try the stuff. The first impression was the smell – this stuff smells good! The orangey citrus aroma was nice and relaxing, even if it wasn’t the most masculine scent. All in the name of science though, right? It lathered up nice and white and bubbly, and rinsed out smooth. Same for the conditioner, although the consistency was a little suprising at first. It’s a little thicker than conditioners I’ve used in the past.

After my shower, I waited a few minutes for the mirrors to defog and went to go mousse my hair, and I noticed my hair was a lot shinier and softer than usual. I’m not usually one to use conditioner anyway – but it seemed to help. I gave my hair a tug just to see if it felt any more fortified. It hurt. But none of it came out, so I guess that’s good!

What did amaze me was when I woke up this morning before my morning shower, my hair was still soft and felt pretty clean. I washed it again anyway out of habit, but that was pretty amazing.

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