Burned Hands for Hump Day

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It’s Wednesday, and at 10:01am I already have burned hands and a year end evaluation for work. The burned hands are compliments of an over-filled coffee cup from the coffee bar upstairs from my work place. It literally jumped out of the cup and the lid slipped loose and it started to swish out around the edges, drenching my hands in hot pain.

My boss keeps a case of bottled water near her desk, and she opened her office back door and I stepped outside while she poured a bottle out over my hands. I feel mostly okay now, my left hand is still a little tender.

Calls are a little crazy today, people seem unusually on-edge for a Wednesday. Which ultimately means I have to be a little bit nicer and a little bit more patient just to be sure I don’t reflect their attitudes back to them. Hooray customer service.

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