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If you’re not already on the Firefox bandwagon, get on it! One of the safest, coolest web browsers out there, Firefox is steadily gaining ground in the browser wars. Firefox is extremely extensible through add-ons, or “extensions.”

There are a plethora of Firefox extensions out there – ad-blocking software, user-scripting software, bookmark plug-ins, tab managing software, and software that modifies the way certain web pages behave to download files you normally couldn’t.

Once you find the extensions you like best, it’s best if you back them up so that you can install them again later without hunting all over the place. The easiest way to do this is when you go to download the extension, instead of left-clicking, right-click on the download link and choose “Save Link As” and saving the resulting file with a .XPI file extension. Back these up to a folder, maybe name it “Firefox Extensions” and then double-click each to execute the installation of the extension in FireFox.

But what happens if these extensions go haywire and wreck your FireFox? If you’d like to trace down the location of the files used by your Firefox extensions, a simple about:config tweak will let you see the full system path to the files. CNET also has an excellent article on using Process Explorer from Microsoft to take back control of runaway processes.

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