Taxes Due Tomorrow & Jack Black on Piracy

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Tomorrow is April 15th, the official deadline for us here in the United States of America to file our tax returns. If you haven’t filed them yet, you better get them postmarked by today. Also, don’t forget you can e-file, sometimes for free! Check out for more information.

As a member of my state’s State Employee Credit Union, I had my taxes prepared and filed electronically for free because I make less than a certain amount per year – you might want to see if your financial institution provides a similar service. They also told me if I made more money I could always use their free online version of TurboTax in member services on the web site.

While we’re talking about money, I’d like for you to take a moment and watch a very special video presentation from the very conservative Jack Black on piracy. Remember, don’t be a douche.

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