Stay at Home Parents: Make Money with SocialSpark

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A short while back, my blog’s Google Page Rank was “spanked” – zapped to zero. This totally ruined my ability to make money with my blog – one of my major sponsored dropped out. The company that was hooking me up with sponsors, Izea Inc., now has a new site called SocialSpark, a social network centered around bloggers and potential blog sponsors, and most importantly gives us freedom from Google’s Page Rank system.

That being said, I realized today it’s a wonderful opportunity for a stay-at-home parent or pregnant mothers, or elderly people who are confined to the home. You can literally work from home, be your own boss, and if you write well enough and drive enough traffic to your site, you can earn some decent extra income.

When I was participating in PayPerPost, I made upwards of $900 in two months time. For a parent, that could mean more money for diapers, doctors, and formula, or a babysitter. As long as you can type quietly, this is something you could easily do while the kids are napping – although you may be napping yourself when they quiet down! Check out SocialSpark – still in Alpha, but you may be able to get an alpha key from someone and sign up your blog today.

SocialSpark is a great way to hook up your existing blog to an additional income stream. If you blog for fun or are trying to make it professionally, be sure and check them out. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail their support team.

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