New P.O.D. Album – When Angels & Serpents Dance

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April 8th, 2008 saw the release of Payable On Death (P.O.D.)’s new album, “When Angels & Serpents Dance” featuring the return of Marcos Curiel and a return to the band’s original guitar sound. Marcos left the band when they signed with Atlantic Records, stating he had been kicked out of the band over personal and “spiritual differences” – but the band claims they sorely missed him and had considered breaking up.

Now that Marcos is back, you can definitely feel the difference in the band. Don’t expect this to be the same P.O.D. you remember from his old days. The band’s new sound is harder, louder, smoother than ever. Expect to hear a band that’s evolving and determined not to be held back and buried with other artists that died out when a genre lost popularity.

Here’s a special treat: listen to the first single “Addicted” off the album here or on the band’s MySpace page.

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