Quite Possibly a Vampire

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The last couple days I’ve had several severe migraines, like back when I was getting my wisdom teeth. It seems directly proportional to the amount of sunlight to which I’ve been exposed. I’ve mostly gotten over my temporary lactose intolerance, but I still seem to have bad acid-reflux from other food items. Last night Kylara made Ruff and I spaghetti and it was delicious, and I did okay eating that.  I’m going to try to drink more water.

I’ve always wondered if certain people are tuned for irregular sleep schedules without detriment to their health. I figure, years and years ago when everyone had to be a farmer and a hunter or some other kind of tradesman to barter for what they needed, everything was lined up with the hours of sunlight in the day. So people naturally lined their sleep patterns up with the rising and falling of the sun.

If it’s not  inherent or biological, it seems likely that now and then there should be people who feel more naturally in tune with a later schedule. I have always felt more in line with sleeping from around 3 a.m. to 11 a.m. and then getting up for my waking hours.

It clashes with so many paradigms in our society, such as store and restaurant hours, school hours, and most places of business. Which also means that those who work these sorts of hours would be confined to 3rd shifts at menial jobs, working at night clubs and bars, internet businesses, and call center (like 911 or technical support services) / telemarketing work.

I like the sunlight, don’t get me wrong. It’s warm and comforting and gives me a tan if I stay out in it long enough. But when you’re trapped underground like I am all day, and you (by choice) leave only the emergency lights on in your call center, you get adjusted to the darkness. I jokingly say “Curse the Day Star!” when I go outside and see the sun.

Also, as of recently, I’ve found it enjoyable to bite people. I’ve been ordering my steaks cooked medium rare, and they’re delicious. Garlic is less appealing to me than it used to be. I still love Jesus and the crucifix doesn’t make me hiss. So either it’s all coincidence, or maybe I am becoming a vampire and not all the symptoms from the movies are true.

(P.S. Mom, this is purely farcical in nature, I don’t really think I’m becoming a vampire.)

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  • The Point Blank Critic

    I once read about a study showing that, in the absence of daylight or any means of telling time, humans will naturally take to a 25 hour daily schedule. I think ultimately what it means is that we’ve always been screwing with our natural sleep schedules. This should allow some of us to be better at it thank others.

    Other people think it’s proof that mankind originally came from Mars, which has a 25 hour day itself. These people could very likely be crazy. But, their best argument is that other animals on earth go with the 24 hour patterns, and we are the only creatures we know of with that natural 25.

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