Weekend Update

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Last night was a little crazy. I got off work around five o’clock and headed home. After a quick errand, my roommate and I picked up more of our friends and we drove to a nearby town for some good old Huddle House food. I wolfed down my food anxiously, and then paid my bill while others were still eating.

Attached to this house of huddling was a gas station, and I got a soda and candy and a scratch-off lottery game. Speaking of which, does anybody like the crossword game? It’s a lot of fun, even if you lose!

We went to my friend Marq’s and played Rock Band on the PS3 for half the night. I started to get lightheaded.

I’ve been sick to my stomach off and on for a couple days now, so that lightheadedness didn’t help things. We played a game called “The Conversation Game” where you draw cards and it asks you questions. I was pretty tired and laid down on the couch and passed out until it was time to leave. Today my stomach’s still acting weird and I am still a little dizzy. At least it’s the weekend.

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