As the Meat Turns

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Yesterday, my friend made the comment that the Food Network in HD (high definition) is like pornography for fat guys. While that’s a pretty graphic comparison, it’s actually pretty accurate.

The Food Network is one of the reasons I got into cooking things from scratch (when I have time, and clean dishes). Ever since we got the HD package from Dish Network last Summer, it’s been heaven. You just don’t know what food is until you’ve watched Boy Meets Grill or Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on a 55″ High Definition TV screen. You can just be sitting around, not even hungry, and that channel will make you salivate.

Last night we were watching Boy Meets Grill and the picture was so crystal clear, I thought I was going to drool all over the tangerine-glazed grilled chicken Bobby Flay was turning on the grill. It was amazing. If you don’t have HD yet, you should go get a set that supports it and a dish or cable package with Food Network HD.

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