Rest for the Weary in California

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Many people have been affected in the recent times by the increasing warm, dry weather we have during the summer months. It takes just a few hours for an entire house to burn to the ground, but months and months to build a new one.

With the outbreak of wild fires in the San Diego and Southern California area, many residents are left without permanent housing and their belongings and sentimental items destroyed. Along with our prayers, Californians have temporary relief for their housing crisis.

National Corporate Housing offers corporate apartments not just to professionals, but also affordable options for individuals, small businesses, corporations that had to relocate staff and their families, and anyone else affected by the wild fires.

While these places may not be the home you lost, it may relieve some of the burden from family members and friends who put up the victims of these fires in their own homes for an extended period of time. We love our families and friends, but when you’re all cramped together in a space meant for one family, there can be stress and arguments. Once more, these people can have a place of their own until they can get back into a permanent house again.

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