This is the Cold that Never Ends

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I know you’re tired of hearing about my cold. I hope that my writing about it effectively communicates my agitation at its persistence. Usually I can beat a cold in just a couple of days. I have a pretty strong immune system for the most part. But this little bugger won’t give up. Apparently he’s not that contagious; I haven’t heard my friends complaining about starting to get sick.

It seemed like a sure thing that at least some of them would get sick from close contact with me on my birthday, what with us playing Twister and the birthday hugs and bites and general groping that occurred (I throw awesome parties). I wasn’t trying to get them sick – but I certainly wasn’t going to give up on having a good time because I was under the weather. Anyway, they all seem unscathed.

So tonight is Taco Night with some friends – that should be pretty fun. I’ve heard previous Taco Nights went fairly well. The first rule of Taco Night is you do not talk about Taco Night. The second rule is you DO NOT TALK ABOUT TACO NIGHT. The third rule is, if this is your first time at Taco Night, you have to eat.

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  • Marq

    We think maybe you caught that from one of us. It lasts about 2 weeks, your symptoms being pretty close to what we experienced. Hope you get better soon.


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