Frustrated? Pop Off a Few Rounds

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There was a time in my life when I could spend patience on anything and that would be enough to get me through. That time is approximately every night from around 1am until 6:42am, when I’m asleep. For the rest of the day – give me a good round of Halo or Unreal Tournament and I’m good.

Back at Thanksgiving 2006, I worked at Blockbuster Video, Inc. as a store manager, and it could be frustrating to say the least. One of our church members built houses for a living – luxury dream homes, I mean. Which also means his home was a huge luxury dream home. Out back of his house he had actually built his own firing range with a retractable, motorized targeting system that you could staple paper targets to, send it out, shoot, and bring it back.

I shot a .44, a .22, and some sort of handgun I didn’t recognize. That entirely worked out some good amounts of stress. But let’s say you don’t like guns, because they’re dangerous. You can always get air guns and airsoft rifles on the cheap along with ammunition and paper targets. You can setup almost anywhere, and it’s much less likely your neighbors will call the cops on you for firing BB guns in your back yard. Or, you could try paintball and actually shoot at living, breathing, moving targets.

Or you know, there’s always therapy. But bullets are cheaper.

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