A Word on Shout-Outs

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A “Shout-Out,” according to UrbanDictonary.com, is:

1. A message to friends, family, etc. lodged on a radio station, web site, or other popular medium.
2. An inane activity chowing up airwaves, electricity, and bandwidth.

You’ve heard them before. Some douche bag gets fifteen seconds of fame on the television or radio, and the first thing they ask the host is if they can give a “shout-out” to their “homeys” back home in “Who-Gives-a-Crap-ville.” This is one of the stupidest things to plague modern media.

It’s perfectly fine if you’re important or on a game show and the host says “So, is there anyone back home you’d like to say hello to while you’re on television?” You know, as long as your list isn’t more than two or three people. Do not name everyone from the ghetto you’ve ever met.

That being said, I’d like to give quick “shout-out” to my readers from Littleton. I’ve been watching the site stats lately and, even though I’ve never been there or written anything pertaining to Littleton, I seem to be gathering a small following there. So, rock on, Littleton! I hope getting a “shout-out” here makes your day. Be sure and tell all your friends your town got mentioned today on The Raging Tech!

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