LEGOs Kick DUPLO’s Butt


Today LEGO celebrates it’s 50th anniversary. I first saw Google’s logo changed today and moused-over it to find out they were celebrating. Whether you’re an old geek or a young geek, LEGOs were probably a memorable part of your childhood.

But remember how cool they were, and how much DUPLOs completely sucked? It would have been one thing if they were lesser quality, but they were a completely different size and shape. The LEGO company came up with so many cool kits and sets – most notably for me were the Star Wars sets including the X-Wing and Tie Fighter series.

You could build almost anything out of LEGOs and entire competitions have been held, and some cool images float around the internet still of where someone built a beautiful miniature church out of them. Go pick up a small set and relive your childhood.

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  • Brian Boyko

    1) Saw your link to NetQoS’s Reporter Analyzer for Netflow data. Thanks.

    2) What, are you crazy? DUPLO rocked! Don’t get me wrong, LEGO is much cooler, but DUPLO was designed for kids at the age where they would swallow the regular size LEGOs – which is why they were so big. The fact that DUPLO worked with LEGO showed how much forethought was put into the DUPLO line.

    Which would you rather your toddler have? A bunch of mind-stimulating precursor LEGO blocks, or some crazy Sesame Street Seizure Doll?

    — Brian Boyko
    — Editor,

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