Entrepreneurs: You Can’t Wear Every Hat

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The hard part of owning your own business is that you feel constantly compelled to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and a ready eye on every aspect of it. Not just being careful or cautious or even wise, but to the degree where it counts as obsession. Micro-managing will eventually cause you to completely pull your hair out. You may think that you just can’t afford to have other people do important parts of your business.

Ultimately though, what’s worth more? Your time, or making sure that you’re the one who does everything? You can’t be both salesman and boss and system administrator at the same time. One thing you might try is outsourcing your company’s e-mail solution. A 3rd Party could store, maintain, and filter spam from your business Microsoft Exchange e-mail.

AppRiver is a company that provides secure, 3rd Party simple but powerful e-mail solutions for businesses since April 2002. Their customers enjoy a robust e-mail security solution and the convenience of a Novell spam filter to keep them safe from scams and viruses. Their administration interface is also straight-forward and easy to use, so clients can customize their solution to meet their needs, managing as little or as much as they want.

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