Leave Big Ben Behind for a Florida Tan

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Aye! If you’re one of our neighbours in the United Kingdom, you’re probably looking a little pale right about now. Not because you’re British, but because you get less hours of sunlight per day, geographically speaking. If you want a little more relaxation than a day at the spa and visiting the tanning booth, you might consider going on holiday over here in the States where, in some parts, it’s still warm!

Florida, because of it’s position nearer to Central America, has more warm days of the year and even its cold days aren’t so bad. If I were going to Florida right now, I’d want to check out flights to Florida and then book a hotel somewhere like Miami – which has an active club scene and night life. I’d probably then rent a car and go to Orlando to visit Disney World, and then fly out from there back to the UK. Florida – one of the few places left in the States not completely frozen over with ice.

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