Snowed In? Slack Out with Your Mac Out

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With wintry weather upon us, a lot of people are unable to even leave their houses today. We’re fortunate enough to have light snowfall today and the roads aren’t bad. My roommate picked up Family Guy: Blue Harvest and my Netflix movies came in: Mystery Science Theater 3000 – the episode where they watch Mitchell – and I also received Blades of Glory.

So grab your favorite blanket, pop in a movie, pull out your laptop, and sit back and relax. You don’t have to do something every weekend. Just take it easy and enjoy some R ‘n R.

My birthday is next week – and if any of you incredibly benevolent folks wanted to purchase me one of these Massage Chairs made by Human Touch, I certainly wouldn’t turn it down. Apparently, these chairs are developed with the most advanced robotic massage system ever. It’s been modeled after techniques used by doctors, massage therapists, and chiropractors. If you had one of these, it’d make your “veg out” day just that much better.

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