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Obama for President

Look, I’m by no means going to turn this into a political blog, or blog all year long about Barack Obama and how you should vote for him, because that’s not why you came here. I will, however, keep up with the elections and what’s going on. For this post only, because this is my personal blog, I’d like to endorse a candidate: Barack Obama.

You may have noticed in a previous post that I had mentioned I was supporting a candidate financially and that he shall remain nameless. Well, now you know! So, why Obama, you might ask? I have, until recently, lost a lot of hope in America. I have had thoughts of moving to Canada or Europe one day, because some days I’m just not feeling patriotic. When I hear Obama talk about change, and hope, and health care, and being better Americans, and that change needs to happen both in Washington and in every American.

Some people don’t like Obama strictly on his views on gun control, abortion, gay marriage, and the other “talkable” issues, but I’d rather have someone who’s for more rights than for taking them away. I’m not for those things, but I’m not for our government controlling them either.

Barack Obama is a passionate orator, and his political record seems pretty clean, albeit briefer than others. I’ve heard several people say that Obama lacks political experience to run the country; I’d say that’s better than having someone stuck in their old ways, full of corruption or their own agenda. I want a president who makes me proud to be an American – someone who inspires and leads us and brings this nation back together.

I think my soap box rental is up, so I’m going to step down and return it. In the meantime, check out my fund-raising page:

The Raging Tech for Obama – My official fund-raising goal is just $1,000. It’s all managed by Obama for America 2008, so don’t think any of it is going in my pocket. Also, it’s just called The Raging Tech for Obama, but that’s me as a blog author, not the business entity.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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