New Yorkers Ride in Style with Dial 7

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New York City business people have a new car service to get rides both to and from places like Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York City, and even New Jersey. Dial 7 has a fleet of over 450 town cars and sedans toted to provide safe and reliable transportation throughout New York.

Why would you need a car service, if you’re not using one already? Parking is extremely limited and competitive in the city, and if you’re always on the go and in a hurry, you don’t have time to find a parking space everywhere you go. You could take a taxi, but that can always be a gamble. With a car service, you can be picked up and dropped off without worrying about finding a space and arriving at your appointments on time. Or, never miss your flight with their NJ airport car service. It’ll also save you from leaving your car in airport parking while you’re gone, and possibly having it broken into or stolen.

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