Put Me in Coach! I’m Ready to Play

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Does your business suck? Are you an over-bearing, micro-managing jerk? Do your employees or business partners, who used to love coming to work for your entrepreneurial enthusiasm now seem lackluster? Here’s a thought: maybe it’s you! You’re afraid that if you go on vacation your business will fall apart without you there. Or maybe you’re just ready to remember the joy and excitement and newness your business held for you when you dove in head-first so long ago. Maybe you’re overwhelmed at the thought of keeping up with changes in your industry.

It’s time for a reality check. You’re going to need someone to be both sounding board and mentor – you’re going to need a coach.

But RT, I’m not a ball player. I don’t play tennis, or golf. I’m not even a good swimmer. Why do I need a coach?

Pay attention, Nancy. There’s a company called ACTIONCoach, that wants to push you and your business to succeed. It can be pretty stressful and overwhelming to be by yourself as a business owner. They will advise you, encourage you, and be your business mentor. They’ll help keep you positive when things aren’t looking great, and help you see things from an outsider’s perspective. Put that life back into your business and you’ll be back on the road to achieving success.

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