Countdown to November: Register to Vote!

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Rock the CaucusAlright, so if you have a computer, internet, a printer, and a stamp, are 18 or older and a United States citizen there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be registered to vote. I don’t care what party you affiliate yourself with, but it’s indifference that let the last election go the way it did.

I’m not normally one to be political, especially here on this blog, but indifference is killing me. People refusing to vote for this reason or that reason are ridiculous. I understand the electoral college has issues, and there are theories about electronic voting systems being rigged, etc. I saw the movie Man of the Year. I don’t care – get off your duff and get registered, and then actually VOTE on election day.

I haven’t re-registered to vote since I moved back to this area, and today I decided after contributing to a presidential candidate (who shall remain nameless) that I should probably get that done now while it’s on my mind.

So I tried this Rock the Vote thing, and their online web form is pretty straight forward. You just fill it out, follow the directions, and it generates a PDF file for you to print out. And get this, if you fold the pages in half and staple the form and the mailer page together, you don’t even need an envelope. Just staple or tape it together and then stick a stamp on it and mail it off to your state’s board of elections. Go do it now before I hit you.

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