Business Recreation: Get Serious About Golf

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For any budding young entrepreneur, it’s important to know how to “wine and dine” your clients or potential business partners. For many business people, that means small talk and hanging around the club house after a rousing game of golf. Plus all the walking has natural health benefits. It seems cliché, but it’s true: golf is the game of professionals. Whether you pick up a round or two on your lunch hour occasionally or are a seasoned veteran of the fairway, it’s good to be serious about your golf game.

If you decide to play competitively, though, you’ll want to get some golf tips from pros. Also, if you want to compete you may wish to calculate your handicap and print out your very own USGA handicap card for use in official golf events. You can do both of those things using the sports golf software at’s website. The reporting software adds an extra dimension to statistics by using a visual table to break down things like your putting percentages and stroke percentages.

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