Happy Birthday, Nicolas Cage!

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Nicolas CageNicolas Cage was born today in 1964, making him a whopping 44 years old today. Cage is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola. He was born Nicolas Kim Coppola, but changed his name to try and make a career on his own.

Cage got his first big break in film while reading lines with auditioning actors for the movie Rumblefish, and landed himself a role in the film. He then got a role as the punk-rocker in the film Valley Girl, which was actually released first and truly started his career. It is also of note that Cage got Johnny Depp his first gig as an actor.

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  • John Avalon

    Seriously? Wow, Nick Cage’s name is fake. That’s really dissappointing. I hav eto admit, I thought about Axel Cage for my alter ego, but I thought it just sounded like too many mechanical parts.

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