Brr! I Said It’s Cold In Here

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Sorry, I was having a flashback to the movie Bring It On for a minute there. This week has been colder than the White House approval ratings! (Zing! Cue Jay Leno’s band that plays music after each of his jokes that aren’t that funny.) But seriously, it’s averaged around 15 degrees F low and maybe as high as 50 degrees F.

We have an overall baseboard heating system in our home, but fuel costs so much we keep it on the bare minimum which doesn’t do us any good. So for the most part, our home is heated by space heaters. I’ve been looking at upgrading to vent-free gas-powered space heaters, because these little heaters just aren’t doing the trick when the temperature drops like it did this week.

Apparently, even though they’re gas propane heaters, they reduce your energy bill pretty nicely. These make exceptional supplemental heat sources, which is what I’m needing right now. Maybe this cold spell will die out quickly and we’ll just have Fall-ish weather for the rest of the winter, thanks to global warming.

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