Now: Sunny, 9 Degrees Farenheit

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I just looked down at my ForecastFox Firefox extension, and it says just that, “Now: Sunny, 9 Degrees F.” It’s 9, people! 9! I’m not from the North, nor am I originally from the mountains. When I left my parents’ house on Monday, it was 20 degrees warmer there at around 60 F, so about 40 F here. Tuesday it snowed after I arrived back in town, but it was too dark to see it while it was covering everywhere. By the time I woke up Wednesday afternoon, most of it had melted, but it was still in the teens.

This morning the hot water was freezing cold and only dripping, while the cold water came right out of the pipes with no problem. I didn’t want to feel awful all day, and I didn’t want to get sick taking a cold shower, so I took a huge stoneware mixing bowl and filled it with water, shoved it in the microwave and got it nice and hot, then used oven mits to carry it to the shower and get clean hospital style.  Thankfully I went out and started my car early and let it warm up and defrost the windows while I bathed. I barely made it to work on time.

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