Futurama is Dead: Long Live Futurama!

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As many of you may be sad to note, the heavily-syndicated cartoon Futurama has ended its run on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim time slot, due to the running out of their contract. This saddened me and many of my friends who loved Futurama. I only saw a few episodes in it’s original run, but it has since claimed cult classic status in syndication. Adult Swim announced towards the beginning of December that since the contract ran out December 31st, 2007 that they’d be airing every last episode until then to make sure they get their money’s worth out of that contract.

I was sad to think I’d have to go out and get the DVDs to see if there were any more episodes I hadn’t seen. Yesterday, on my last day off on vacation, I was watching TV and saw several ads on Comedy Central that Futurama would begin airing on Wednesdays at 9pm! It’s like it was a Christmas miracle. I am a little annoyed at the rhyming / rapping commercial they’ve put together to advertise it. But even Comedy Central can’t screw up Futurama! Now all I need is for the Writer’s Guild Strike to end so I can get House back, and hopefully that will happen in time for LOST in February as well.

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