Entrepreneurs: Take Time Out with Loved Ones

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I’ve written before about the “New Economy” – what we should be valuing nowadays is more time for ourselves and with our family, rather than more possessions. Possessions are nice; don’t get me wrong. But even when I was making lowly pay as a manager at a certain Big Blue Video Rental Corporation, my time was equally if not more important than the money I made. It’s simple, really. Sometimes you’ll pay money to have someone do something for you that you could easily do yourself because you’d rather spend time with your family or friends.

When you’re a young entrepreneur, it can be easy to forsake friends and family to go do business things. There has to be a balance. You need to take time for recreation and personal development.  Last night I skipped out on continuing to hang out with a friend because of a deadline I needed to meet, but it really could have been skipped without much of a pause for concern. I really wished I had just stayed and hung out for an hour longer. People say “Time is money,” but really, time is greater than money. Take a time out and go visit a friend.

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