Things From TV: Dr. House’s Cane

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House’s Cane from FashionableCanes.comFor Halloween, I dressed up as Dr. Gregory House from the TV show “House” on Fox. My outfit would not have been nearly as cool or convincing (not that I look like him) if it hadn’t been for my black cane with flames at the bottom.

He didn’t get this cane until season 3, when Wilson’s dog chewed through the cane just below the handle and caused House to fall when it eventually snapped.

He went to some weird pawn shop-esque store and bought the cane with the flames at the bottom. He called it “bitchin'” and told his team that the flames made it look like he was going fast.

Personally, I thought the cane was super cool and I knew there had to be somewhere online where I could find one for Halloween.

I know canes aren’t cheap, usually. I found one of decent quality at Fashionable Canes. It cost me about $35 at the time plus shipping; I paid via Google Checkout and received it in just a couple days. I had the perfect House costume accessory!

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