Buying a car in the UK? Check Out NetCars

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Again, keeping a global perspective on who might be out there reading my blog, I’ve come across a pretty neat UK automotive website, Their site is pretty comprehensive, including the ability to read reviews on cars, check values, find cars for sale, a place to sell my car, and even a blogs area where visitors can contribute on any motoring topic they have expertise on.

Also, once you find a car you’re interested in, they have information on obtaining car loans and other automotive financing. Once you’ve purchased your car, they can even help you obtain car insurance! This website really is your one-stop shop for everything car related in the United Kingdom.

My favorite feature is the AutoCheck page, where you can see whether or not the car you’re interested in has outstanding finance issues, has been written-off or reported stolen, been clocked, and more data. It reminds me of CarFAX over here in the states. I would never buy a car again without checking out it’s history, so this feature is really important to me.

I don’t live in the UK, but this is definitely where I would go if I needed to buy used cars overseas. For US readers, check out Edmunds or Autotrader for the latest car buying information.

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