Christmas 2007 Survived!

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Aside from the stomach ache I got from eating way too much food at Christmas dinner, Christmas 2007 has been pretty good. I wanted to post pictures to brag about what I gave and what I received, but my camera phone got smashed! It works, but not very well. The inner screen on my LG VX9900 (Verizon enV) got smushed in my pocket when I fell, and my replacement should be in the mail tomorrow.

So here’s a breakdown (Part 1) of what I gave:

  • Dad – Relational Technologies fleece blanket. In my defense, yes, it was free from the conference I went to, but he is in a nursing home and can’t use his limbs or speak plainly, so he’s hard to shop for.
  • Mom – Diamond stud earrings from Zales. She nearly lost the back of one within about five minutes of trying to put them on. Several crazy minutes later, she had them on.
  • Sister – iPod Shuffle and $15 iTunes gift card.

I also stuffed our stockings with miscellaneous schwag from the vendors at UNC CAUSE. Mom seemed to like her mini computer mouse from Time Warner Business Class.

Since Dad can’t speak plainly anymore, I thought it would be a good idea to give a gift to Mom from him. So I found an mp3 of my Dad singing “You are My Sunshine” to my Mom a few years back, and I burned it to an audio CD and labeled it “To: Mom From: Dad, Merry Christmas!” and played it for her this morning. She started to cry – I hate to see her cry. I thought I had made her upset, but she really did like it.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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