Christmas 2007 Survived! (Part 2)

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So I promised I’d also brag about the gifts that I got, so here’s the lowdown on my gift-getting this year:

  • St. John’s Bay “Puffer” Vest – This thing is uber-comfortable material, and keeps me warm without overheating – a common problem amongst heavier people like me when people crank the heat up in the winter time. This gift was from my aunt and uncle.
  • Auto Neck & Back Massager – A comfortable neck rest by itself, this massager also runs on batteries and has a strap to affix it to your vehicle headrest and massage your neck or put it behind your back, from my sister.
  • Haggar Men’s Dress Shirt & Tie – This gold-colored shirt is really well accented by the bundled tie, which I like a lot. I’ve never really worn gold colored clothes, but I plan on making this debut at work soon – given by my grandmother.
  • Faded Glory Blue & White striped cotton-knit dress shirt – This shirt is really comfortable. I wore it Sunday to church. I did sweat a little in it, but that was mostly because I was wearing the aforementioned vest. This was given to me by my cousin Lindsey and her new husband Cam.
  • Basic Editons Heavy Wool Hooded Jacket – This thing is incredi-warm! It has a wool interior and a nice flanel exterior, with a warm hood. This was given to me by my mother, along with a neat purple hood face-warmer thing.
  • Catchphrase! Electronic Portable Game – I haven’t played this yet. Mom gave me this game and batteries.
  • Black Hooded Sweatshirt & Gilette Fusion Shaving Kit – From my other aunt and new step-uncle (is that a word?) and cousins.
  • World of Warcraft Battle Chest – This set includes WoW, the Burning Crusade expansion, and two strategy guides from Brady Games. This was given to me by one of my favorite people: Me.
  • Miscellaneous Cash & Prizes totaling about $130: Mom, Grandma, and other Grandma.

Not too shabby at all. I’m expecting to put the money in the bank to help pay bills this month, and I’ve been wearing the clothes already. Maybe I’ll crack open Catchphrase before I go back to my house next week. I’m probably going to do a couple more posts tonight and then head on over to World of Warcraft. Merry Christmas everybody!

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