Hellboy II Trailer Released

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The second movie in the series, Hellboy II: The Golden Army is slated for 2008 release! Back to direct is Guillermo Del Toro; back as Hellboy is Ron Pearlman; and back as the sexy fire-starter is Selma Blair! The trailer (courtesy of IGN) is your typical action movie trailer: fast cuts, loud Rammstein music bed, and cool poses and cuts of the narrative. I still have no idea what this new sequel is going to be about other than another creepy baddie comes out of the evil other world, starts hurting innocent people, and of course the agency steps in with Hellboy to save the day.

Not that you need more than that. You can pretty much slap Hellboy in the title anywhere and you can count me in. This upcoming year is looking to be an awesome year for comics in film – we can expect The Dark Knight, Ironman, and now Hellboy II!

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