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In college I was a Communicatons major, and I eventually graduated with a B.S. in Communications with a minor in Computer Science. My concentration in college was Electronic Media with an emphasis on TV & Radio. My favorite course was radio production, simply because I love matching up music with words to set a tone and deliver a message. I got to write scripts for commercials and then go make them.

The second most favorite thing I did in college for class was host my own radio show from 10pm – Midnight on the campus station. I called it “The Modern Buzz” after a show that I used to listen to late at night on a radio station back home. I’m pretty sure that show was syndicated and the name might have been copyright, but I used it anyway. I’m pretty sure it didn’t cause any brand confusion.

The reason I have such a passion for all of this is because I love music. I have a modest iTunes and CD collection, but the music in my head is so much more vast and diverse. I’m crazy about a good beat or an amazing harmony of voices, or entertaining guitar distortions. I’m not a musician myself, but my appreciation for the art runs pretty deep. My dad loves music pretty strongly, too. He is really into the Beatles and spent a lot of his free time watching VH1 before he started getting bad health-wise. So I guess maybe it runs in the family.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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  • Kylara

    Who is this ‘Music’ and where can I find them? …What, nothing will happen.

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