Why Guitar Hero Rocks My Face Off

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Guitar Hero is one of the coolest video games I’ve ever played. Now I haven’t played tons and tons of video games, so that may not be saying much to you. But as a below-average gamer, this game really appeals to me as much as it does my hardcore gamer friends. I’m more of an analog gamer myself, and I think as I get older I’ll still keep playing both board and card games as well as video games.

Guitar Hero basically does for guitars what DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) did for dancing: absolutely nothing. But it does take people who wish they could play guitars like rock stars and make them feel like they’re progressing in some sort of skill as they play along to some of their favorite songs. I admit, I don’t like every song on each edition of this game, but I do really enjoy the classic rock and some of the modern songs too. There’s really something in there for everyone, which makes it an awesome party game.

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