Into the Wild

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I’ve always thought of exotic vacations as something reserved for really rich business men. Especially something as cool as a safari. Besides being named after an awesome web browser on the Mac, safaris just have the added cool factor of being all about hunting. But not for bears, or deer, or quail. Can you imagine having a lion head or some other cool African animal’s head on your wall? Think of how many animal rights people you could offend! How awesome would that be? Thanks to the power of the internet, you too can experience the thrill of safari!

If you’re someone who’s into hunting, but want something out of the ordinary – I want to suggest a Namibia hunting safari. You can plan one of these by researching and booking online at The T. Jeffrey Safari Company. They offer such hunting safaris in Africa and what they call “trophy kills.” You can hunt some of the top most wanted hunting game including lions, leopards, cape buffalo, elephant, and rhinoceros! And don’t think it’s limited to just Namibia – they have trips in South Africa, Tanzania, Khomas, and the world famous Kalahari.

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