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I am sick of television cancelling all the good shows. I think we as viewers either don’t have time to watch anything that isn’t heavily advertised or we just pre-judge a show based on the commercials for it and don’t give it a chance.

There are so many great shows that get canned, either because they don’t get the sponsorship they need or they aren’t getting the ratings they need. If you’re one of those people who *ahem* downloads television shows from the internet, I’ve got a few shows that you should check out if you can’t find them on DVD.

Titus – One of the best shows of all time. It actually is out on DVD (all three seasons) so I recommend you buy it instead of downloading it. Most of the show is based on Christopher Titus’ stand-up show “Norman Rockwell is Bleeding.” It’s hilarious, has characters you can relate to, and once in a while offers social commentary.

Father of the Pride – This animated show from the makers of “Shrek” featured John Goodman as a lion in Sigfried & Roy’s act, and mostly centered around what the lions and other animals do when not on stage. The entire series (1 season) is available on DVD, last I checked.

20 Good Years – I have no idea why this show was canceled after four episodes, but I doubt you’ll find this one on DVD. John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor play two old bachelors who realize they’ve only got twenty good years left to live, and they decide to live life to the fullest until they aren’t alive anymore. The comedy comes from their polar opposite personalities: Lithgow is an outgoing ladies’ man while Tambor plays a timid, socially withdrawn widower.

Standoff – I’m not entirely sure if this show is cancelled or not. I started watching it last year and it only really seemed to go for a season, somewhere around 20 episodes? It’s about two FBI negotiators (one of which is played by Ron Livingston  who played Peter from “Office Space”) – every episode is centered around one or two big hostage situations and the drama that is the not-so-secret romance of the two partners and how it interferes with their jobs. I liked it, but I guess the networks figured there’s only so many different ways to take hostages.

Check these shows out! Even in their limited runs, they’re worth experiencing at least once.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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  • jasmin

    Yes, unfortunately Standoff is cancelled. It was great while it lasted, but then FOX never has been too bright when it comes to which shows to keep and which to let die. (Notice I don’t name names. It’s safer that way. There’s always someone who’s a fan, no matter how lame the show.) Did you see all the episodes? If not, I highly recommend it. I’m sure they are floating around the internet somewhere.

  • Kylara

    Also, the show Drive. It was awesome and Nathon Filion was in it. it was canceled after only a few episodes. 🙁

  • Dave

    I got into Drive even in the first episode. I was sad it never went anywhere. The start was exciting but it got thrown into a time slot around lineups that were already overrun with epic prime-time shows like Heroes. I think FOX got nervous about it not being as much of a heavy-hitter as some of their other heavyweights like House.

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