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The other day I was on eBay checking the auction for the Nintendo Wii I listed. It was up to $202.50 with six bids (three bidders) and only two days left! Normally all the bidding takes place at the end, so I intend to make a lot more than that on it.  It occurred to me that I’ve been paying a lot in eBay and PayPal fees when an item on eBay sells, and I decided to look into how much it would cost to have a monthly store on eBay. As of this writing, it’s only $15.95 a month – which is more than you pay in seller fees if you list much at all.

For that monthly fee, it’s a steal: you get 30-day fixed-price listings for only a nickel each! Plus you get a store to showcase all your auctions and items for sale. You can even make an item a permanent one, by setting it up to auto-renew at the end of the 30 days. Your listings will get slightly less exposure, but if you’re using my free wholesale sites that I’ve linked you to so far, you should be able to find exciting inventory that you can move fast on eBay and that won’t be a problem.

Today’s wholesale drop-shipper is a doozy!  They are a consumer electronics wholesaler in China – the shipping is a little high because items ship to the US from Beijing, but you can usually find insane electronics bundles. The bundles make the item more expensive, but for what you’re getting it’s a pretty amazing price. I have sold two Sony PSPs from this site and made a small profit. Unfortunately, the profit margin in video games is slim pickings for most of the year except around Christmas when you can charge a little more for game systems on eBay without gouging people too badly.

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  • andrian

    you’ve bought from gizmo hunters? were they a scam?

  • Dave

    Hello fellow businessman! Another site you can check out for importing items is Be hesitant about where you find your drop shippers, as you could be dealing with a “middleman”, who is cutting into your profits by not actually selling to you at wholesale price. Check out my site ( and read my recent post dedicated to drop shipping. It tells you what to avoid and how to know if you are dealing with a legitimate wholesaler! I also have a link to THE largest directory of drop shippers on the internet (and they have an excellent reputation), definately worth checking out!

  • Dave

    @andrian – Yeah, I’ve bought from them a couple times now. They messed up one order but very quickly corrected it, shipping the missing cord directly to my customer. As with any drop shipper you don’t have a contract with or exportable inventory data files, you have to keep a close watch on their prices so you don’t take a bath on eBay.

    @Dave – I’ll have to check that out!

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